Mabel Valdiviezo
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1: YOUNG FAMILY AT BEACH Watercolor, acrylic, photography on canvas,16"X21" $750

2: Watercolor, acrylic, photography on canvas, 25"X18" $850

3: Watercolor, acrylic, photography on canvas, 26"X17" $850

4: Watercolor, acrylic, photography on canvas, 12"X12" $350

5: Watercolor, acrylic, photography on canvas, 19"X14" $500

About Mabel Valdiviezo

I am a 21st-century artist-techno-shaman who employs the arts as a means of expression to achieve social justice for cultural, community and gender healing. My family portraits convey my personal narrative about the untold humanity of immigrants. Painting with watercolors and acrylics over archival family photos, I reflect on the effects of being separated from my mother and Peruvian culture. Light, color and insider perspective on the lives of women immigrants become a vehicle to transformative art, and community empowerment.

As a multidisciplinary artist, I rely on community teaching engagements, art commissions, and speaking opportunities about my work. The pandemic resulted in all of this being canceled and or postponed. I also lost my main source of income from my video editing job at Stanford University. I appreciate the Bay Area's support for the arts and my work in this challenging time.

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