Art Submissions

Curatorial Note:

Dear Fellow Artist,

I hope you are hanging in there in during this strange and challenging time. My name is Justin Young and I am a San Francisco based artist, father, and MUSEPOP founder. I created this website to help support my fellow artists during this surreal moment in history.

Like many of us, I spent the last week wondering WTF I am going to do moving forward. Everything has changed so quickly. All the momentum I had built in the last 6 months came to a screeching halt. Nearly all of my work has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. All the big projects I had been dreaming up don’t seem to make any sense now. My wife is 5 months pregnant. My daughter is turning 4 next month and her pre-school has been postponed indefinitely. I could go on and on and on....

At this point in the Bay Area, with so few confirmed cases, it feels like the fear and uncertainty is worse than the virus. Yet, each day I wake up and see an updated map of the virus growing over every region on earth, I fear the worst has yet to come. There is no doubt this pandemic is real and we need to be there for each other.

This past week, I really missed seeing people, but also connecting with people in a constructive and meaningful way. I felt I really needed a project to connect with folks, so I made this site. I thought it would be helpful and uplifting to have a visual platform to display local Bay Area artists and encourage connections between our artists, art lovers and patrons.

There’s a million blogs out there with lists and links, support this and that. 24-7 news channels full of political hate speech, and fear-mongering pundits sandwiched with advertising. There’s endless scrolls of quarantine memes, social distancing rants, and still no toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Shelter in place!!! This is all certainly overwhelming.

I’m hoping this exhibit will be a little escape from all that noise. For this digital exhibit, I’m trying to hone in on something simple. Presenting up to 20 local artists per week in a visual format. Encouraging people to support and connect. Explore and enjoy.

I envision this project as a curated, weekly culture zine, born out of crisis, populated by artists. I’m hoping this opportunity will allow you to make some meaningful connections with people that discover and appreciate your work. Hopefully you can make some money as well. I know many people are struggling.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to connecting with you and seeing your work!

Justin Young - Artist, Curator, MUSEPOP Founder


Submission Info:

The Local Love exhibit is open to any San Francisco Bay Area artist working in any medium. Whatever you want to display we will try to accommodate. Images, videos, live streams, etc.

Each artist page has a donate / buy art button via a link that you provide, as well as links to your communication methods of choice. This means you get 100% of any donations and payments, and you will be connecting directly with anyone who would like to speak with you. You can see a 2d artist page example here, and a page with a video on it here.

We will be throwing some money at the gatekeepers to promote this exhibit, just like any other public event we produce. We will be doing press releases and telling our friends to stop by of course. We are hoping that new artists presented weekly will encourage people to come back each week. We will also maintain an archive of all the previous exhibits so people can continue to explore those.

Above all, we value your health and your creative work, and we want the world to see it!

We are also promoting a list of art organizations and funds that need support or are directly supporting artists. We are happy to add to that list too if you know of others we should feature. The org support page is here.


Once we receive your submission, we will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm receipt and say hello.

If you have questions, ideas, or would like to help curate, please feel free to send a message to: connect(at)

Give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook as we will be promoting you on those channels as well.