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About J-Wo

Art is language. There is the union between message, technical skill, and aesthetic pleasure and that point of unity is art. The necessity and responsibility that the artist holds to communicate and share a way of being, of existing, is even more crucial in the current climate of the world we face today. It is vital for art - for everything - to have a deep sense of agency and moral, ethical integrity to provide a foundation that our collective evolution can be built upon.

Artist Statement

Currently I am out of work. I am able to create in my home studio but the upcoming show I was going to do in downtown Oakland is now on an indefinite hold. I have no upcoming shows/events scheduled for the foreseeable future. I have original paintings as well as prints, canvas prints, stickers, and magnets of various work.

Available Works + Pricing

1: Sutro Tower, 24"x48", Oil on canvas, $1400

2: Desert-Rise, 48"x24", Oil on canvas, $1050

3: Desert-Rise, 48"x24", Oil on canvas, $1050

4: Desert-Rise, 48"x24", Oil on canvas, $1050

5: Planetary Experiement #3, 40"x29", Oil on wood, $650

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