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I will be teaching classes via zoom on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at noon and privates by appointment. Please click the zoom button above to zoom with me at those times!

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Movement is an essential ingredient for our health and well being and now, more than ever, should be called upon to help relieve stress and balance our energies and emotions. Exercise gives us the golden key to the greatest pharmacy of all time-- our brain. Here you will find superb, natural drugs for feeling good, releasing stress and anger, and regulating sleep.

I understand that during these strange times motivation can be hard to come by... like why ever get off the couch and stop eating snacks? Does anything even matter?! I know, cause I am fighting the same battle. So let's fight it together! Let me motivate you. Just say no to the quarantine 15 and get your sweat on for sanity!

I am a NASM certified personal trainer and have been a professional aerialist for the last 10 years. I've gathered a heap of knowledge on how to train a body for circus as well as general fitness goals. I love sharing my knowledge and teaching others how to operate this crazy spaceship we call our bodies.

I was about to have the biggest and bestest performing season of my entire LIFE, as well as get a personal training job with my shiny new NASM CPT certification. But turns out all of 2020 has since been cancelled! Shows are out for the foreseeable future as well as gyms being closed until who knows when. In the spirit of adaptability, I have taken to the internet to offer group fitness classes as well as private sessions, with the focus ranging from circus-specific skills and conditioning to general fitness. All bodies and fitness levels welcome.

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