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About Capacitor

Capacitor is a creative experiences agency that often works with scientists to create events, talks, 2D and VR films, live performances, and installations about the natural world. Their visually-stunning works are delivered on motion sculptures designed by Jodi Lomask and performed on by athletic dancers, acrobats, aerialists, and contortionists. These displays, grounded in scientific understanding, offer many portals into the work for audiences of all ages.

We have had to postpone our weekly event entitled 'Citizens of Earth'.

'Citizens of Earth' focuses on our responsibility to nature, our fellow humans, and ourselves. Each week, a new program of performance acts and new media experiments. Each week, a DJ, bar, and plenty of time to connect with your friends and to make new ones. Each week, a short talk by a scientist or activists who can help us find our way to this new world we are co-creating.

We are seeking donations to support the performers rehearsing in isolation.

Photography + Credits

1: CAPACITOR: Space Time Photo: Erina Sumiyoshi

2: CAPACITOR: The Perfect Flower Photo: RJ Muna

3: CAPACITOR: The Perfect Flower Photo: RJ Muna

4: CAPACITOR: The Inner Core at BM2019 Photo: Dot

5: CAPACITOR: Okeanos Octopus Photo: RJ Muna

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