Infinite Frame | Interactive Photo / Video Experience

Welcome to the interactive world of Justin Young. Justin is a multimedia artist who creates interactive installations that have taken him around the world. Justin is a long time friend of the Vau de Vire Society, we’ve collaborated with him on projects from the early 2000’s till now.

When you arrive here on the site, say hello via the red chat bubble in the bottom right. If you want to participate (you can also just watch), email him a 10 second video of yourself less than 25MB and let him know when you do. He prefers vertical videos shot against a dark or black background. In your video, make amazing or beautiful faces, make crazy or melodic sounds. Sing a song or recite a line from your favorite poem. Use some lights and make it fun.

The moment your video is received, it will be fed into the portrait machine and he will begin to play you like an instrument when it is your turn. He will generate an animated portrait of you with sound in realtime for you to experience. Everyone who sends him a video will be emailed a portrait as a thank you for attending MayDay from Vau de Vire.

If you tip him, Justin has a menu of perks as gratitude for your offering. Venmo: This_Justin_Young or Menu below at the booth of the page. Justin will put the money toward the Musepop Local Love project.

Below is the recording from the five hour long interactive stream. Participants emailed a video of themselves, and Justin created portraits of them on the fly while broadcasting the installation. He also hosted and video chat during the event, so anyone could meet him and say hello in person-ish.
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